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About Us


Hocking Hills Adventures was founded in 1976 by two clever entrepreneurs, Lewis and Connie Barbini. They thought the Hocking Hills State Parks were great, but after the State Parks there was not much else to do. HVCL became the first business to operate soley on Hocking Hills tourism by making the outdoors accessible to everyone. Today the Hocking Hills boasts ziplines, natural trails, adventures treks, atv rentals, mini-golfs but the truth is it all started with a canoe.


The Family Fun Center was later added in 1993, offering go-karts, miniature golf and a driving range. After the Family Fun Center was built, Hocking Valley Canoe Livery expanded into the camping industry. The Riverside Campground become registered in 2003 and in 2010 they have expanded into the cabin business


Overall we are collection of laidback individuals who are fortunate to work in this environment


The Family



Has retired from Hocking Valley Canoe Livery to live the life of sunny beaches, margaritas and 18 hole golf courses. While that is not really true, his main obsession is keeping the bathrooms clean. Lew is the founder of Hocking Valley Canoe Livery and has only worked here for 34 years and counting.





Has taken over Chairman of the Board duties in 2011. Those duties include head of Technology Advancement, Director of Human Resources, and Restroom Cleaner. He is responsible for every pixel of the website experience. More than anything he enjoys workplace organization, innovation and efficiency.





Jason likes things to be simple. He prefers the luxury of a sleeping bag over a mattress and a fire over electric heating He enjoys finding people who have never heard of Hocking Valley Canoe Livery so he can tell them all about it. One day he hopes to start his own Horseback riding company, if that doesnt work he will take his horse and head west. He is here now but noone knows where he will be tomorrow.





Is first and foremost a gentlemen, but also serves as HVCL's head weekend shuttle bus driver. He counts his three seconds at all stops signs, proceeds with caution through all yellow lights and looks both ways before all train tracks. He does all this without blinking an eye and keeps both hands at 11:00 and 3:00.





Serves as HVCL's Minister of Canoe Handling. Mike is obsessed with playing the banjo. However, he stopped playing along the river when he got mistaken as Burt Reynolds from "Deliverance" Mike enjoys loading canoes while listening to Black Sabbath and a little bit of Led Zeppelin.







Is the company's number crusher. She dabbles in just about everything at Hocking Valley Canoe Livery. She is a master accountant, customer service specialist and the missing link in keeping the place organized. She is not afraid to put on her 1970's hippee costume to make sure every email gets answered on time every time.





Is the Chief Rain Goddess, when water levels are down we count on Courtney to do her patented rain dance. Although this has never worked we are confident that it might work someday. She goes to Hocking College for fish and wildlife management. You could say she is here now but she will be there soon.






Working at Hocking Valley Canoe Livery is a family tradition for Katie, sort of like something she must do before she enters the real world. Fortunately for us, Katie loves working here and loves customers. She does everything post haste with a big smile. Katie is a caffeine addict and has kept several energy drink manufacturers in business during the down economy.