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Package prices are per person


Family Fun Pack

Our most popular deal which combines all the fun activities we offer.

Trip 1, 1-2 hour canoe trip. 2 go kart rides, driving range & 18 hole mini-golf - $32 per person

Customize your package- Switch to a kayak instead of a canoe $5

Upgrade to Trip 2 add $5

The package can be done in one day or two days. Most of our customers prefer to do the canoeing portion in the morning and the go-kart and mini-golf in the evening.


Go-Kart Rides


Two go-kart rides and 18 hole mini golf- $20 per person


Canoeing And Horseback Riding Package -

We have partnered with Happy Trails Horseback Riding save you money on summers most popular activities

Package Deal is per person

Trip 1 canoe rental with a 1 hour horseback ride=$40

Trip 2 canoe rental with 2 horseback ride=$66