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Hocking Hills Canoe




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Listed is our river trips as well as other notable destinations along the Hocking River. Click inside of the map




Rich with History

Before the first white settlers came to the Hocking Hills there were three Native American Tribes living in the area. The Delaware, Shawnee, and Wyandottes often went to the Hocking River to catch turtles, fish, clams, frogs and clayfish. These creatures were a vital food supply to the Indians living in the Hocking Hills. Not surprisingly the river was named from the Indian name Hokhochen, which meant "bottle-shaped" and referred to the configuration of the river at the present-day Rock Mill in Lancaster Ohio. The name Hokhochen carried on until the 1800s in which it became shortened to "Hocking" river. More then likely it became Hocking because of the difficulty of pronouncing Hokhochen. The area eventually took the name of the river as today the surrounding area is known as the Hocking Hills.

The Hocking River starts in Lancaster Ohio and flows south east until it reaches the Ohio River. It has an average depth of 3-4 feet, but there are areas up to twelve feet deep. The Hocking is calm class I river with very few big rapids or rocks to be worried about.

Our trips run on the best canoeing section of the Hocking River, starting at Sugar Grove and all trips conclude at the Canoe Livery. This 15 mile stretch of river is known for is for its natural beauty and secluded isolation as well as the opportunity to see the Natural Rockbridge and remnants of the old Hocking Canal. The Hocking Canal ran close to the Hocking River, it was destroyed by flooding in 1889 and never rebuilt.



Trip 1

Crocketts Run

5 miles

2-3 hours

Crocketts Run to Livery is our shortest outing on the Hocking River. The river moves a little bit slower on this 5 mile stretch compared to the Upper Hocking. Therefore it is an ideal trip for beginners, parents with young children or those who are a little anxious about canoeing. The cost is $35 per canoe or $22 per kayak


Natural Rockbridge

7 miles

2-3 hours

Natural Rockbridge to Livery is our most popular trip. What better way to start off your river trip than viewing the awesome Natural Rockbridge. Our river access is directly across from the magnificent Natural Rockbridge.The cost is $44 per canoe or $26 per kayak

Trip 3

R. Campground

9 miles

3-4 hours

Riverside Campground to Livery offers the best uncrowded section of the Hocking. The upper sectioni has several unique rock formations and river tributaries. View the Natural Rockbridge and Paddle pass the Natural Rockbridge state protected nature preserves. Watch the exhilarating SUPER ZIP as you paddle under the quater mile zip from Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. The cost is $56 per canoe or $32 per kayak

Trip 4

Sugar Grove

15 miles

5-6 hours

Sugar Grove to Livery can be a great all day trip or stretched into a liesurely overnight trip. It is a good idea to set up camp before you start. Doing so will save you the hassle of carrying loads of equipment in the canoe. The Riverside Campground is located halfway between the drop and the Canoe Livery. The cost is $70 per canoe for the all day trip or $90 per canoe for the overnight trip

Super Zip

Super Zip

The SuperZip tour, offered by Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, is over a quarter mile long with speeds upwards of 50 mph. Check out the a "higher, longer, and faster", zip as your paddle underneath it.


Natural Rockbridge

Magnificent Wonder

Rockbridge's natural arch or bridge is more than 100 feet long and 10 to 20 feet wide, and gracefully arches 50 feet across a ravine. It is considered the largest natural bridge in Ohio. Only the Ladd Natural Bridge in Washington County rivals it in size. The Natural Rockbridge can be viewed by taking Trip #2, Trip #3, or Trip #4. The landmark is short two minute walk from the bank of the Hocking River. It is marked by an orange post and a state park sign.

Hocking Hills Adventures

Hocking Hills Adventures

This is where all the fun begins and ends. All trips depart and conclude at Hocking Hills Adventures where your car is parked.

Tube Loop

Tube Loop

Relaxing Fun

Looking for something fun to do while camping at the Riverside Campground? Well grab a tube and head out on the river! Tubing is arguably one of summer''s most refreshing activities. We make tubing convenient and easy. Tubes depart directly from the Riverside Campground and end at one of nature's magnificent Natural Rockbridge. It is about a 4 mile trip and will take approximately 1-1.5 hours. When you arrive to Trip 2 Natural Rockbridge, buses will shuttle you back to the campground.


R. Campground

Riverside Campground boasts over 80 spacious sites along the Hocking River. It is located approximately half way between Hocking Hills Adventures and Trip IV (overnight trip) making it the perfect place to camp. The campground is also quarter mile from the Fun Center which offers mini-golf and go-kart rides.


Rush Creek

21 miles


Rush Creek to Livery is our longest overnight trip. Approximately 6-8 hours paddling the first day and 2-3 hours the second day. This trip is only offered when water levels permit. Rush Creek is often to shallow in mid-late summer. Call us for details. The cost is $100 per canoe or $60 kayak

Hocking Canal

Hocking Canal

The Hocking Canal was a small 19th Century canal in southern Ohio that once linked Athens to Lancaster and the Ohio and Erie Canal, but was destroyed by flooding and never rebuilt. It paralleled the Hocking River. Reminents of this historical highway can seen on route to Trip 2 and Trip 3


New York City

North America

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Phnom Penh


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